Mental & Emotional Benefits of Salsa Dancing

Is it endorphins, mindfulness, or simple fun? The experts at Salseros
LA found that dance lowers levels of stress hormones and significantly
lowers levels of depression.
Dancing improves brain function on a variety of levels . Two recent
studies in the U.S show how different types of practice allow dancers to
achieve peak performance by blending cerebral and cognitive thought
processes with muscle memory and proprioception held in the
cerebellum. Through regular exercise that incorporates some type of
dance at least once a week anyone can maximize his or her brain
Learning salsa requires you to focus attention and be fully present in
the moment, much like the practice of yoga. Salsa is unique in that you
must maintain constant awareness and connection with your partner.
This mindful focus can switch off the negative thought patterns
associated with stress and depression.
In a related study, dancing Salsa reduced cortisol, the hormone
associated with stress. Dancing with a partner to music has more
positive effects than dancing alone or moving with a partner without

“Depression is affecting about 121 million people worldwide. It is among the leading
causes of disability and causes the highest loss of productivity worldwide. In the United
States about 17 million persons suffer from depression. Worldwide, women suffer twice
as frequent from the disease as men. Within the U.S. public health system, costs for
depression treatment even exceed the costs of heart disease treatment (Greenberg, Stiglin,
Finkelstein, & Berndt, 1993). Depression has thus very high social and financial costs
and discovering inexpensive, non-intrusive and effective treatment methods is an
important public health goal.”

Other benefits of dance, include improved cardiovascular function, increased
lower body strength, balance development, enhanced agility and
coordination, aiding in safe guarding your brain against dementia, stronger
bones, improved and reduced depression and boosted self esteem and

“Research suggests that freestyle partner dancing may offer the best benefit
of all.”

So, believe it or not, dancing works and improves your body mentally as much as,
and sometimes even more than, it does physically.

Please join us at Salseros LA….
Founder and CEO, J Hernandez