Basic hygiene is sometimes forgotten. We need to remember this and take heed.  It is really important to take some extra precautions if you want to be welcome in the dance community.  Dancers are aware of beauty and passion, and unfortunately of the fact that we don’t always smell like roses.

Think about taking an extra shirt, a towel and even a fan to help keep you fresh after those seven minute songs played by the band. Some of us come straight from work (yeah you workaholic) and don’t have time to go home and take a shower, but that’s not an excuse for a poor hygiene.  Keep an extra deodorant in the car and some nice smelling colon.  Just consider how much the ladies do in order to get all dolled up, smelling great and looking their best.

Now picture this.  You as a leader just finished dancing Arranca en Fa, from La Sonora Carruseles, or Aguanile from Willie Colon, and you’re sweating like The Niagra falls.  You’re a great dancer and rarely get turned down for a dance. You walk up to a lady, look into her eyes feeling confident while you extend your hand politely. She smells great and looks like a beautiful princess.  You get to your favorite spot on the dance floor, and in to your starting position.  You look into her beautiful eyes while giving her your greatest smile.  The best song of the night starts.  She looks at you expecting to have a wonderful time.  Slowly she places her hand on your shoulder and voila, she lands on your soaked shirt. Now her hand is dripping with YOUR sweat.  Take a wild guess and imagine the first thing that comes to her mind??? Anyone?

EEEEWWWWWWWW! X 10000. The perfect moment has been spoiled, completely ruined.  She won’t enjoy the dance because she is worried about you flinging sweat on her when you spin.

Don’t let this happen to you.  Allow the perfect song of the night to be just that, Perfect!  Be sure and take those little extra steps to make your dance partners feel as comfortable and happy as possible. Remember these hints:  An extra shirt, a towel and some deodorant could save the night and YOU will smell good all the time.

By Jose Hernandez
December 02, 2008