Jos3 Hernandez began his life on the small island of Cozumel Quintanaroo, Mexico. Soon thereafter his family moved to Acapulco where at the age of four he started dancing and performing in a production called the el baile de la iguana.   From there he progressed to classic Mexican folklore dancing and competed on a state level.  Jos3’s love of the stage took him into acting, and he performed and acted in many productions throughout his school years along with playing the guitar in his own rock band.

After moving to the US he began to train with some of the best salsa champions in the Los Angeles area.  His talent was immediately recognized and after dancing salsa for only 6 months and he was asked to join and perform in some of the best LA salsa dance teams.  He went on to win first prize in a prestigious salsa event in Palm Springs.

Jos3 loves to teach salsa as much as he loves to perform.  His students respect and admire his ability to infuse them with his passion for the salsa.  It has been said that he not only teaches them the necessary techniques, but also helps them get in touch with the energy of the dance so that they too can allow the music to speak through them.

Having been formally educated as an Electromechanical Engineer and Graphic designer he uses his artistic talents and professional skill to express himself through the dance of salsa.