Group Classes

Looking to learn how to Salsa in a very energetic and fun setting? Our group classes are one of our most popular class types as Salsa is a very social dance with lots of spins, sexy hip movements, sharp turns, and intricate footwork that you can’t do alone!

Our fun and engaging instructors help facilitate a great learning environment, and students from all walks of life enjoy making new friends and meeting new people!

How Our Group Classes Work:

Group classes begin with a simple warm-up, followed by covering some essential steps and patterns. After our fun warm-up, you partner up, and we begin to practice the step-by-step instruction!

Throughout our class, we rotate partners, so everyone gets a chance to dance with each other. This allows you to learn and practice while adjusting to different partners, just like you would on an actual dance floor!

  • Group classes last 45-60 minutes, depending on location.
  • Group classes are held in public locations.
  • Group classes consist of 25 – 60 people, depending on location.

Get started with one of our group classes today!

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