Group Dance Classes

Being part of a group class, you feel the energy of other fellow dancers that are also inspired to learn how to dance. With discipline and practice, you will notice the improvement in your skills, become more confident and all your hard work will pay off when you reach the point where asking people to dance will no longer seem to be an issue. How do group classes work?

1. Show up on time When you show up on time, you’re not taking the risk of missing any important information that could later on create gaps in your learning process. We always make sure we start our classes on time, and we rarely go back and repeat the information for those who show up late. We respect our students and appreciate their punctuality. If we do get a chance during the class, of course we’ll be more than happy to review some of the information as well as assist you or answer any questions you might have.

2. Sign in When you come to our class, you will first be greeted and directed to our sign in sheet where we ask you for some basic contact information. We like to keep our students informed on all our upcoming events, class schedule updates, possible cancellations due to holidays or any other offers or promotions. After you sign in, we encourage you to change your shoes and put all your belongings in a safe or visible place for you.

3. Introduction We like to get to know our students and call them by their own names. We believe that by doing so we are able to create a more welcoming environment and make sure you feel comfortable.

4. The Class Once the class is about to begin we first create some formations to make sure everyone can see and hear the instructors. We start with a simple warm up, explain some basic steps and patterns, practice with music and certainly answer any questions you might have up to this point. After the first part we move on to partnering. Leaders and followers now create a circle around the instructors as it is easier that way to follow the step-by-step instruction. Note that it is not necessary to have a partner, we make followers or leaders rotate so everybody gets chance to dance with each other. We always make our class fun and more interactive so that you can learn and practice adjusting to different partners, just like on a real dance floor.

5. The Ending After the class we like to hear your comments, ideas or suggestions so please feel free to approach us and share your experience with us. If you enjoy our class, we’ll be happy to see you again. Remember, if you want to become a good dancer, practice is one of the most important parts of your learning process.