24 January, 2018
Bogies Latin Wednesdays, Salsa and Bachata dance classes and social dancing!
Bogies Latin Wednesday
25 January, 2018
Dj.Amezcua in the mix Island Touch/Dancers With Curves Take over
Theroy (formerly Paladinos)
08 February, 2018
Dj.Xilah at Theory Bachat Thursdays, FEB 8th!
Theroy (formerly Paladinos)
07 February, 2018
Dj.Charlie at Bogies Latin Wednesday, dance classes and social dancing
Bogies Latin Wednesdays
14 February, 2018
Valentine’s Day at Bogies Latin Wednesdays with Live Music by Son Miron!
15 February, 2018
Post-Velentines at Theory Bachata Thursday with Dj.Rey Cua
Theroy (formerly Paladinos)
18 February, 2018
Salsa & Bachata dance classes and Social dancing every Sunday
Theroy (formerly Paladinos)
21 February, 2018
Salsa & Bachata dance classes in Westlake Village, Social dancing with Rey Cua