Salsa and Bachata Tuesdays at V Lounge

This group dance class starts with a Bachata warm-up where everyone follows one of the instructors as he teaches some basic steps along with music for 5-15 minutes. After the warm-up ends, classes divide into two groups: Beginners and Intermediate.

Each instructor will begin their class by forming a circle around the dance floor where participants get to partner up, follow dance instructions, and practice the steps as the class progresses. There is no partner necessary! We encourage students to rotate to get the experience of dancing with different students and adjust their lead, follow, timing, and other aspects of dancing. If you prefer not to rotate, you are always welcome to bring your partner and can always communicate to the instructor before the class starts that you would rather not switch partners.

Dance Classes are from 7:30-9:30 PM

(Beginner & Intermediate) Bachata dance classes 7:30-8:30PM
(Beginner & Intermediate) Salsa dance classes 8:30-9:30PM
Intermediate classes by Cristian Oviedo
Beginner classes by Jose Hernandez
2 different levels simultaneously
2 instructors, 4 classes, all levels welcome!
No Partner is necessary!


Dance classes are $15 (includes Salsa & Bachata dance classes and cover charge for the social dance)

After dance classes, lights are dimmed down and people social dance until 2:00AM
The social dance (practice) is optional for anyone to stay but highly encouraged.
Cover charge after 9:30pm $10 (does not include dance classes )
Live Band nights are $15 all night long!

This event is 21 and over.


V Lounge: 6101 Reseda Boulevard, Tarzana, CA 91335
For more information, call or text  (818) 681-8806

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Address and Directions

We are located at the intersection of Topham St and Reseda Blvd, right next to the Orange Line Busway. The Orange Busway Line is on Reseda Blvd and Oxnard St in the city of Tarzana.
You can click on the following link to get the exact location on Google Maps.  CLICK HERE

Suggested Attire

If this is your first time taking a dance class or dancing with us, you might be asking yourself: “What do people wear for this event”? We have a few suggestions that might help you choose the proper attire for your first classes with us! 

Ladies’ Footwear: 

If you plan to wear heels, make sure they are no higher than 2 inches. Shoes with a strap that can be buckled or tied across your feet to minimize heel injuries are encouraged. Or you can also wear flats! Keep in mind that sneakers are not the best option for our dance classes because most have soles designed to have a grip on surfaces. Sneakers will make your movement on the dance floor a challenge. We suggest shoes that give your feet more support as you dance. Try to avoid sandals or flip-flops for your safety. 

Ladies’ Attire: 

These group classes are different than ones you would take in a gym or dance studio. The main difference is that these classes take place in a nightclub (V Lounge). Some people tend to dress up and go all out. However, others choose to wear something more comfortable for the classes. We suggest semi-casual or comfortable chic attire.

Gentlemen’s Footwear:

You don’t need professional dance shoes to start learning how to dance, but you do want to consider the kind of soles your shoes have. We don’t recommend investing in dance shoes to start taking dance classes unless you are committed to continuing this activity. We find that leather sole dress shoes work well for taking our dance classes. Converse sneakers, Adidas, or Toms are a good choice. But any shoes that have soles without a strong grip (like running sneakers) will do.


Gentlemen’s Outfit:

We suggest semi-casual or semi-formal attire for our dance classes. But, if you feel like stepping it up a notch, going all out will make you stand out! PS- do not overdo the cologne since you will be near different females as the classes rotate.


Hygiene is of utmost importance! When taking our classes try to keep in mind you will be rotating with a lot of other students and you will be in close contact with most of them. Deodorant is a MUST when you dance.


If you are planning to join us after work or have no time to go home and freshen up, you may want to consider the following: cleaning wipes, deodorant, a splash of a cologne or perfume, mints, or mouth wash. These will be your best friends as your dancing passion progresses. If you tend to perspire (aka sweat a lot) you can bring an extra shirt, top, or quick extra outfit to stay fresh during the classes and social dancing. These suggestions can help make partners enjoy dancing with you.