Looking for some activity to break the ice among your guests in your upcoming event? Need something that will engage them, get them to relax and have a great time? Why not try a group class by salseros-la.com? Whether it be for birthdays, anniversaries, quinceneras, or weddings, we do it all!
Learning how to dance in a group makes it more comfortable especially for those who feel like they have two left feet. Everyone gets to learn, have fun and get to know each other in a very friendly and exciting atmosphere.
Below we provide a list of some most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question, not a problem, call us directly and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

1.- How does it work?
We come to your event and teach your guests how to dance in an hour. All participants will rotate, allowing all the women to dance with all the men in the group. It will give everyone a chance to get to know each other and have fun without having those awkward moments of not knowing what to say. After the lesson, we play the best Latin music for everyone to dance and to practice what they learned.

2.- What kind of dance is the best to learn in a group scenario?
As professional Latin dancers, we can teach Salsa, Cha-Cha, Bachata, and Merengue. We have learned by experience that Bachata or Merengue are easier to pick up for those who do not have previous dance experience. Salsa dancing and Cha-Cha is more elegant but also more demanding on a technical side and requires more coordination.

3.- Is music selection an option at our event?
Yes. You have the option of requesting songs that you’d like to be played, but keep in mind that as professionals with years of experience, we will do everything we can to ensure your guests are dancing and having a good time.

4.- Do I need to hire a DJ, speakers and microphones?
If you already have a DJ or have one in mind, then by all means, it will actually make it easier for us! If not, don’t worry, we can bring all the necessary equipment to make your event a success. Microphones are recommended if it’s an outdoor event or for groups with more than 8 couples (Please ask for rates on extra equipment such as speakers, stands, etc). If you have a Dj. all we need is an iPod jack so we can connect to their PA system, and a ¼” or microphone jack so we can connect our microphone.

5.- Do I need to have a dance floor?
A dance floor will make it more comfortable to dance on, but is not necessary. And of course there are some surfaces that will make it dangerous to dance on. As long as you have a descent flat area, everyone will enjoy the class and have a great time. (Not recommended for class to be on bare lawns, sandy surfaces, pavers, uneven or slippery surfaces)

6.- Should I hire a male-instructor or a female-instructor or both for my private event?
You can either choose one instructor or two (male & female). We recommend that you have both male and female instructors to get the best possible learning experience. This will allow proper instruction and the correct technical footwork for both genders to have an equal learning opportunity.
If you prefer one instructor, we will need help from your party guest. Sometimes the guest might be shy, but would also be a fun way to learn. (Please ask for rates on multiple instructors)

7.- Are Dance Party DJ’s interactive? Can the instructors do a special performance?
Absolutely! Aunt Catherine having a little trouble getting the Bachata moves just right? No problem! We’re out there helping her along. You can be assured that we won’t just stand behind our equipment and let your guests figure it out on their own. We’re dancing out there right along with them. We also accept requests for special performances. Please ask for special rates that apply.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions:
Phone: 818-681-8806
Email: Info@salseros-la.com or Eva.B@salseros-la.com